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Principal's Page

Welcome to Zia!

I am truly delighted and honored to serve as the Principal at Zia Elementary School.

I believe that all children can learn, can be great leaders in the community, and can be successful.

I work with students, staff, teachers, and parents every day to try to bring out the best in children. Our teachers use high-quality educational practices and contemporary research in child development and student learning to continually grow and learn as educators.  The various specialist departments at Albuquerque Public Schools help us to provide resources and supports to help all children learn, grow and achieve.

Our team is committed to our school vision: To foster the development of the whole child. We hope you will join us in PTA meetings, IC meetings, and through "coffee-with-the-Principal" and other community meeting events with me to share your ideas of how we can bring this vision to reality.

Together we can make a difference for each child, every child, the whole child every day.



Alyssa Agranat


Zia Elementary School

Office Hours- come on in!

I am eager to meet with parents regarding any concerns you may have about your child's education here at Zia. There are lots of ways to reach me, but during school hours I like to be "on duty" in the classrooms, cafeteria and playgrounds. I hope that you will utilize my Office Hours so we can meet when it works for everyone.

The Principal's Office Hours are set up for you to come in without needing an appointment.

For the Fall Semester of 2018, they are: Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30, Thursdays from 7:30-8:30

If you wish to make an appointment other than these times, please call the office at 260-2020 ext 22701. I always return calls on days I am on campus.  Also, you can just email me at and I will get back to you quickly.

Please remember that sometimes "school happens" and I may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances, however, I always try to clear my calendar during office hours so I can see parents at your convenience.

If you stop in and I am not available, the Principal's Secretary,  Elaine Abeyta, has my calendar, and she can help you set up a day and time to meet.