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The Eagle

bald_eagle_adult2.jpgBy Alyssa C. 

The bald eagle is a raptor.  It eats meat.  The feathers of the eagle are strong.  In the winter, bald eagles live in the United States.  In the summer, they live in Canada.  After courtship and mating, making a nest begins.  Most nests are six feet deep and six feet in diameter. The number of bald eagles has increased by ten times--that is amazing!  


The bald eagle is a good mascot for Zia because they are fierce, brave, and protective of certain things (such as their eggs).


Go, Eagles!

Ziathon 2015


By Amani B.

Ziathon is an event that takes place every October at Zia Elementary School.  It is an event when students can run around a section of the field.  They try to run as many laps as they can in a thirty minutes.  They also try to get as many people as they can to sponsor them. The sponsors can either sponsor them per lap or they can give a donation.  Ziathon was started about 29 years ago, around the year 1985.  For each grade, the PTA rewards the student that raised the most money and each boy and girl that ran the most laps.  In the year 2014, Coach Dunham said he would kiss a pig if the students raised $17,500.  The students were able to meet that goal, and Coach Dunham was forced to kiss a pig in a tutu!



By Lucia B.


I am writing about gymnastics because it's something I love to do. I think you may want to know why I love is so much. I love it because you take risks like flipping into a foam pit and doing cartwheels on a beam. Most of all, it is fun. My friends are there, and the coaches are really nice. They always have smile on their face. Every time that I go, it is something new. For example, once it was hailing, and it was really loud. However, they had the heat on full blast, and it was like an over in there!  


The gymnastics place also is nice for dads and moms because they have Open Night. On this night, parents can stay out really late, and the kids stay at the place to play. I have never been been to one, but I have heard that it fun. You can run all over and swing on the bars!

This and That

The Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout

By Gaby A. & Jordyn G.

The fourth graders are studying the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout.  The purpose of the project is to learn more about the Rio Grande River and the fish that live in this river.  Many fish in the Rio Grande are either becoming extinct, threatened, or endangered.  By studying the fish, we hope to prevent the cutthroat trout from falling into one of these categories.

The project involves preparing and taking care of the fish before they are released into the Rio Grande in May.  Taking care of the fish involves testing their water and feeding them. 

Peppermint Stick

By Sophia S.


I love going to Peppermint Stick.  I love going there after school because I think that the teachers are really nice.  All the teachers are really funny, and they're very entertaining.  The kids who go there also are really nice.  The place is very organized, and it has good toys.

Mr. Newman and Ms. Cindy are the owners.  They hang around with the kids even though they have other stuff to do.  They still love to play with us.  The teachers like to take the older kids to our Zia Park.  

Mr. Newman helps us with our homework.  He wants us to get it done so that we still have time to play.

In conclusion, I like going to Peppermint Stick because everyone is so nice.  I am so glad to go there!

Our Opinion about Art: Creative and Fun!

By Gaby A. and Jordyn G.

We think that art is fun.  We are eager to go to art every Tuesday.  In art, we learn a bunch of art techniques and concepts such as texture, formula, and lines.  At other schools, art may not be common.  So it is a privilege to have art at our school.  It is really fun to have art class and to have Ms. Rebecca as our very thoughtful teacher!


book fair.jpg
By Taylor M.


Book Fairs are amazing!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the amazing stuff the fair provides!

One of my favorite books is Pete the Cat.

Kool stuff every day!


Fair for books!

And sometimes there are toys!

If you come, you'll see everything that I am telling you about.

Read more books!


Should APS elementary students have more than 30 minutes of recess per day?

Opinion of Aanor  B.

I think that students should have more than 30 minutes for recess.  My first reason why they should have more than 30 minutes is because they would get more exercise and be healthier  My second reason why is because they would get to see their friends from other classes more often. My final reason why is because they would do more movement that would get them ready for P.E.  These are three reasons why kids should get more recess.  


Opinion of Persephany S.

I think that elementary students should have more than 30 minutes of recess because 1) they could get more fresh air, 2) they could refresh their brains, and 3) if they are stressed, they could rest their brains.  That is my opinion. 


Opinion of April R.

I think that elementary students should have more than 30 minutes of recess because 

1) They could play and talk.  When talking, they could share what is on their minds with their friends.

2) They could exercise more so that their bodies do not get rusty.

3) They could be crazy outside so that they could have a clearer mind and focus better in class. 

The Fifth Grade Field Trip to Jefferson Middle School


part of the campus at Jefferson Middle School

By Arianna B. 

The fifth graders went to Jefferson Middle School for a field trip.  We went there to see how big it is, to tour the school, and to see how it is there.  At the school, we toured around the school.  We learned how they serve lunch, where everything is, how busy it is when the bell rings, and lots more.

I enjoyed my visit there.  The reason why I enjoyed the visit is because before we went there, I was scared and nervous about middle school.  But after we went to visit, I kind of got excited and happy to go to Jefferson next year.  Even though it's going to be hard and rough, I will try my best, work hard, and try to never give up.  I know that I will make it through middle school!  


An Interview with Emma B.

By Elena D. 

Emma B. recently was a fifth grade student at Zia Elementary School in Mr. McDougal's class.  Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Emma because of her six month trip to Valencia, Spain.  Before she left, I interviewed Emma, and here is how it went. 


First, I asked Emma what the five things in Albuquerque she would miss most while she is gone.  She said: 1) her friends, 2) Argo, her dog, 3) New Mexican food (there is no spicy food like chile in Spain), 4) Cliff's Amusement Park, and 5) the Sandia Mountains.  Emma also is going to miss Zia because of all the fun memories she has of her friends at Zia. 


There are a few things that Emma likes more about Valencia than Albuquerque. For example, Valencia has a warm beach that she likes to go to but Albuquerque does not.  


When I asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how much she wants to go to Spain, she answered 6.  She explained that she would miss her friends, her dog, and peanut butter in the USA, but because of the food, friends, and family that she has in Valencia she also wants to go. 


Emma thinks that the flight to Valencia will be tiring because of the time difference of nine hours.  She also expects that the whole trip will be tiring.  First from Albuquerque she must fly to Dallas, and that takes two hours.  Then Emma flies from Dallas to Madrid and then to Valencia.  Emma is excited for the plane flight because of the free drinks on the plane.


But this is not the last time Emma is going to be in Albuquerque.  Hopefully, Emma will be back in six months for middle school. Everyone will miss Emma, but hopefully, we will see her again!