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Our Favorite Places on Campus

Photojournalism participants selected one of their favorite places on campus and explained why it one of their favorite spaces. 

The Grassy Area Behind the Rainbow Sandpit

By Amani B., Arianna B., and Ariella R.-P.

Our favorite place on campus is the grassy area in the right corner, behind the rainbow sandpit. We like this place because it is quiet, peaceful, and the wind blows softly through the trees and grass.  There is enough space to run and move around.  You can also hear the birds singing and chirping in the trees.  You can smell the fresh, sweet, delicious grass or rain.  You can feel cool or calm or peaceful. This is what we think is a wonderful place and one of the best places on Zia’s campus. 

The Library

By Maya D. and Taylor M. 

The library is our favorite place at school because it is quiet.  It is easy to read when it is quiet.  We also like it because there are lots of books to choose from, and we like that because we like to read a lot of books.  Also, Photojournalism Club is in the library, and we think photojournalism is fun because we get to make the school yearbook. We also think the library is great because of our awesome librarian, Mrs. Dunham.  She is kind, respectful, and cool.  And that is why we like the library so much. 

The Grassy Field

By Lucia B. and April R. 

We have picked the pleasant grassy field because the trees grow tall and big and the grass grows wide and green.  When we look around, nature is all around us.  The sun shines through the yellow and green fall leaves. As we look up in to the diamond blue sky, birds fly above the trees.  As they sing their beautiful song, we can feel the cool fall breeze go against our cheeks. We know that winter is coming. 

The Library

By Sophia S.

My favorite spot on campus is the library.  I like the library because it has books, and I love reading.  The books are so nice to read.  Books take my mind off of bad things.  When I read, I don't remember anything else until I stop.  I love scary and mysterious books. I also like books that have drama and describe being in middle school.  When I read a book with no pictures in it, I imagine what is happening and the characters come to life.  In conclusion, I like the library because I love reading. 

The Grassy Field

By Elena D., Emma B., and Lauren S.

The grassy field is our favorite place in the whole world.  One reason why we like this place is because it is the only place that you can play soccer. We like playing soccer because it is a really fun sport.  Also, we like the grassy field because of the trees that give shade. We like this because since we are playing soccer we are already sweating, and we don't want to sweat even more because of the sun. In the shade, it is cool, calm, and relaxing.  Our final reason why we like the grassy field is because it is a placid place.  It is placid because of all the nature around you; you can hear the leaves crunching and smell the fresh grass.  That is why our favorite place in the whole school is the grassy field. 

The Swing Set

By Hailey G. and Luciano B.

Our favorite place is the swing set in the east playground. One reason we like this area is that's where we used to hang out with our friends. Also another reason we like this place is that is the place where Hailey did flips and tricks with her friends and that's where Luciano hung out with his friends.  Also, we like it because this spot has been here a long time. 

The Grassy Field

By Cyrus H. and Gweneth H. 

Our favorite place on Zia campus is the grass area because we can run, jump, catch bugs, and play games there.  The grassy area is a happy place because you can smell the nature and the wet grass.  

The Library

By Sonja B.

I like the library.  There are lots of books. Books are creative and nice to share. I like the library because you can cuddle up and read a book and get information. It is quiet and calm so you can read without interruption. Come and check out a book.  Read it fast, and take it back. Check out another book.  At the library, there are so many books and much information.  When you read a book, you can imagine. 

What We Love About Our Campus

A Tour through the Lens of a Camera

Equipped with cameras, Photojournalism Club participants explored parts of the our vast campus that they had determined were among their favorite spots.  The photos and descriptions that follow provide a unique journey through our special campus. 

The Library: Arianna B.

Garden Along Monroe: Amani B. and Ariella R.-P.

The Outdoor Classroom: Alyssa C. and Lauren S.

We took these photos because we thought they captured our Outdoor Classroom perfectly.  We took these pictures from lots of interesting angles, and we also took pictures of different things. These photos tell something about Zia's history in a way by showing the signatures of students and teachers who used to be at Zia.  Also, these photos share details about the clubs and activities that now are a part of Zia. 

The Grassy Field: Jonah T.

The Playground: Emma B. and Elena D.

The Garden: Alyssa C. & Jade C.

The garden is one of our favorite places at Zia.  Here a few reasons why we like the garden.  First, it has a lot of different plants to look at.  For example, there are beautiful sunflowers, cabbages, and peppers.  The sunflowers are bright yellow, the cabbages are leafy green, and the peppers are green.  Our second reason is that the garden produces things that we like to eat--especially the tomatoes.  Our third and final reason that we love the garden is that the plants smell good, especially when they are wet and after the rain has fallen.  That is why we love the garden and spending time in it with others. 

Trees Across Our Campus: Cambria T. and Gwen H.

Our campus has lots of trees.  We took photos of these trees because these trees show the beautiful pinecones that we have on campus, the healthy plants that we have in our school gardens, and the wonderful students at Zia who help take care of the plants on campus.  The trees on our campus give the students joy and beautiful leaves to look at and admire.  The trees also give the birds a home.  

The Grassy Field: Luciano B.

The Variety of Buildings Across Our Campus: Keali D., Sophia S., and Autumn L.

The 100 and 200 Halls: Adrien W., Lucia B., and Sonja B.

These photos are of different sites in the 100 and 200 halls of our school.  We took these specific photos to show that kids at Zia are talented.  The photos also show that the Zia community is caring and gives to students in need.