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Campus Security
Posted by: Alyssa Agranat Published: 12/12/17

Hi, Zia Parents,

     I know some of you have raised concerns about seeing APS Police officers on campus recently, about the school having a lock-down last month, and about the school gates being locked right away when the bells ring.

      Please know that everything we do here at Zia is intended to keep children safe in this crazy world we live in. We always work closely with the District and the APS Police Department in response to any concerning activity in the neighborhood. Since the lock-down, and due to other information we received, we responded by having APS PD officers on campus in the mornings for a week or so, and we also moved up our gate-lock schedule slightly.

       We know it is inconvenient for you to have to come and go through the front office, rather than enter from the many streets surrounding our school. However, we really need to prioritize doing everything we can to create a safe learning environment for your children. 

        Volunteers and visitors are always welcome to come in through the front office. Just bring your photo ID, and you may visit with us or join the class as a volunteer, as long as you have arranged the visit with the teacher in advance. We only ask that any time you wish to have a meeting with the teacher that you schedule this outside of instructional time. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.