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Mrs. Chacon

Mrs. Chacon.JPG
Mrs. Chacon with Stella the Hedgehog, Taylor M., and Maya D. 


By Maya D. & Taylor M. 

Did you know that there is someone at our school who can roller skate and read at the same time?  This person is fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Chacon.  She was born and raised in Albuquerque.  She believes in treating others with respect and making the world a better place.  The most embarrassing moment in her life that she is willing to share is that she walked into glass once.  Mrs. Chacon likes that Zia Elementary is like a family.  What she does not like about Zia is that it starts with the letter Z.  She loves her class, and she loves how the kids at this school love to read. 

SeƱora Montalvo

Senora Montalvo s Dia de Los Muertos Display

Señora Montalvo proudly shares with Maya D. and Taylor M. the Día de Los Muertos altar that she and her class made. 

Señora Montalvo was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  When she was young, she liked to dance, play at the ditch, and catch minnows.  

Señora Montalvo believes in Santa Claus and in God.  She also believes that children can learn. 

Señora Montalvo likes participating in cultural events.  She also loves traveling to different parts of Mexico. 

The most embarrassing moment in her life was when she went to a dance with her friends. When she was there, she went to the bathroom.  She had a long skirt on, and it got caught in her underwear.  When she walked out, her bottom was showing!

The thing that she loves most about Zia is the students.  She says that the students are great.  The thing that she likes least about Zia is the hours of operation.  

Special People at ZES

Photojournalism Club participants prepared a series of interview questions and interviewed various adults at Zia Elementary.  Each interviewee was asked to bring to the interview an object that represented them best.  Here are the stories of some of the people at our school that help make it so special. 

Mrs. Londono

Mrs. Londono.JPGBy Amani B., Arianna B., and Ariella R.P.

Mrs. Londono is the speech language pathologist. She has three children, two at Zia and one at Jefferson. Some of her hobbies are playing tennis, skiing, working out, and biking.  She has one brother and two sisters. She has worked at a few schools before Zia.  She decided to come and work at Zia because she has loved Zia as a parent and wanted to become more involved at Zia.  We are very excited to have her at this school.  If you have any further questions, then you could probably ask Mrs. Londono as she is a very warm, friendly, and welcoming teacher.


The photo is of Mrs. Londono and her youngest daughter.  

Mr. Noby

Mr. Noby wows Photojournalism participants with his amazing musical talent.

By Maria R.

Mr. Noby serves as Zia Elementary's part-time computer technician.  Born in Montana, Mr. Noby moved to New Mexico so that his wife could complete a Master's degree in performing music.  

Like his wife, Mr. Noby is musically talented.   Unlike his wife, who performs classical music, Mr. Noby performs jazz music.  Since the fourth grade, he has played the saxophone.  He explains that sometimes playing the saxophone is like "a tongue twister under your fingers."  In December, he graciously provided the Photojournalism participants with a short but impressive concert. 

Mr. Noby identifies his most embarrassing moment as the one in which he did not practice before a saxophone performance.  He remembers, "I squeaked.  I messed up. . . . I (did) every bad musical thing."  Despite the embarrassment, however, Mr. Noby asserts that he was glad this experience happened as it demonstrated to him the importance of practicing and he never again has gone to a musical performance without practice. 

As for Zia Elementary, Mr. Noby's favorite part of our school is the students.  He explains, "They are so friendly and happy to be here."  

And we are happy that Mr. Noby is here with us at Zia!  

Ms. Marks

lanyard of Ms. Marks.JPGBy Elena D., Emma B., and Lauren S.

Ms. Marks is a staff member at Zia.  She works in the Front Office. 

She is originally from Texas.  At age give, she moved to California.  She moved to New Mexico in 1990.  She lived in Pecos, New Mexico before Albuquerque.  Ms. Marks decided to move to Albuquerque because of better job opportunities.

Ms. Marks loves Zia because of all the friendly people. 

The most exciting thing that has ever happened to Ms. Marks is when her son, John, won a rugby district championship and his team dedicated it to her.

Ms. Marks has three children.  The youngest, Davin, plays soccer.  Thean, the middle child, plays basketball.  And John, the oldest, is in college.

Ms. Marks chose her lanyard that holds her staff member card as an object that is important to her.  She chose this object because she likes her job!

These are some things about Zia’s staff member, Ms. Marks.

Ms. Norris

By Cyrus H. and Gwenyth H. 

Ms. Norris was born in Taos, New Mexico.  She has one brother named Micah.  Her most exciting moment was when she became a teacher.  Once she tried to the monkey bars as a grown up.  She fell and broke her leg.  To her interview, she brought a very special item that is made from miscellaneous items.  Ms. Norris.JPG

Mrs. Byrdsong

By Jonah T. and Adrien W.

Mrs. Byrdsong was born in Michigan, but she grew up in many other places. As a child, she liked to play tag and hide-and-seek.  She would gather kids in her neighborhood to play. She has been teaching for 37 years, so obviously she likes to teach.  Because she also likes to travel, she brought a globe as the object that represents her.  

Coach Dunham

By Gaby A.

Did you know that Coach Dunham went to Zia Elementary?  Well, indeed, he did.  He started here at Zia in the fourth grade.  He had a teacher named Ms. Fox.  He said, "She was one of the best teachers I ever had."  He said that she made him feel comfortable since he had just arrive to Zia.  


It was crazy because they did not have clubs when Coach went to Zia!


Coach was really popular because he had so many friends.  Their names were Josh Trujillo, Eland Ward, Patty, Woldo, Elethea, and Jeremy McDonald.


By Jordyn G. 

Did you also know that Coach Dunham once was on stage with a very famous singer? On Cinco de Mayo in 1985, there was a festival at Zia, and Coach Dunham was there!  Coach said, "It was an all day event.  Parents would bring traditional Mexican food.  There would be traditional Mexican dancers there too.  The whole school was decorated."  The singer invited Coach and his classmates on stage. Coach was the singer's son's friend, which was an especially cool part.