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Congrats, Mr. K! APS Counselor of the Year! Mr. Kadlec was honored as APS Counselor of the Year at a district-wide counseling event. Way to go, Mr. K! http://www.aps.edu/news/aps-recognizes-its-outstanding-counselors/


Friendly & Respectful Behavior vs. Fighting & Bullying

During the months of September and October I have been providing lessons on the topics of friendly and respectful behavior, fighting, and bullying.  

During these lessons students have been identifying and practicing desirable behaviors such as giving compliments, offering help, and including others. Students have also been learning about how to recognize and respond to bullying and fighting.

When bullying or fighting occurs, Zia students have been encouraged to refuse to be a silent bystander and either speak up (when safe) AND then report to an adult OR go immediately to report to an adult (if they do not feel safe speaking up).  Please feel free to discuss with your child what they have learned and contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Nicholas Kadlec

Zia Elementary School Counselor
260–2020, ext. 85062


Kadlec, Nicholas