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National Dance Institute (NDI): Cyrus H.

The fourth graders are doing NDI--the National Dance Institute.  Through this program, the fourth graders learn to dance and sing.  Like me, the probably enjoy it.  Gweneth H. says this about NDI, "I like runs and jumps because when you jump, the weird feeling in your hands feels good!"  Jordyn G. adds this about NDI, "My favorite game to play is Crisp, Crackers, and Crumbs because it teaches you how to focus."  Aanor B. comments, "I think that the thing most fun about NDI is that we get to learn new chapters to dance."

So, that's my share on NDI!

Activities at Our School

Milers' Club: By Aanor B. & Cyrus H.

Chess Club for Grades 3 through 5

By Aanor B.

The leader of Chess Club for grades 3 through 5 is Mr. Ackerman.  Students in grades three through five can participate in this club. In the club, you learn new chess playing strategies and play games against other participants. I have liked learning moves like castling--that means you move your king to the left and then switch your king with your rook. In chess club, you learn about how fun playing chessn is and how playing chess really gets your mind working!

Archery Club

By Jonah T. & Cyrus H.

Here are some facts about Archery Club.

  • Coach Dunham leads the club.
  • The purpose of the club is to have fun.
  • Participants in the club practice shooting at a target.
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 can participate (along with a few exceptions for grade 3).
  • Some participants hate having to stay in their line, and others are patient.
  • Cyrus likes being able to shoot arrows.
  • Jonah likes the club because it is fun to him. 

Minecraft Club

Garden Club: by Maya D., Taylor M., & Persephany S.

Zia Elementary Student Council

By April R. & Sonja B.

The Zia Elementary Student Council works to help the school and to organize events like Pajama Day.  The Student Council also has helped our community by setting up a recycling program.  Student Council is led by several adults, including Mrs. Whitlock, Mrs. Castiblanco, Mrs. Gayle (Mrs. Castiblanco's mom), and Ms. Sarah (a student from Albuquerque Academy).  In Student Council, there are 20 participants from grades two through five.  These participants are kind, smart, and nice.