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Little Free Library

by Ariella R.-P. & Luciano B.

The Little Free Library is located in the Zia Park.  It is for collecting and sharing books--one can add a book to the collection and then take one home for reading.  The library is for anyone who visits the park--students, families, and people who live in the neighborhood.  

The library looks like a bird house, but it is bigger.  It was made by Ellis Waller, who lives in Wisconsin.  Ellis loves to build and fix things (as well as play bag pipes in his free time). He built the first library for the park, but it tragically was destroyed by vandals.

The Zia Elementary Student Council was responsible for decorating the structure.  They decided to use each side of the library to show each of the four seasons.  As you will note, they used lots of bright colors and included clever paintings.

We hope that people use this library often and that they protect it to make sure that it can be enjoyed for many years.